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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Real Life: Online frustrations.

I've spent too much time on forums of late.
My friends always asked me; "Why do you bother."
"It is fun," I answered.
But of late a slow ennui has crept over me. There is nothing happening there. Nothing. The front is still too far away, and the entire thing is mired in protectionism. Posters holding on to their ideas and screaming for us not to touch them.

And heaven forbid you mention the Forge. Or the ideas that crop up in the diaspora.

The tone changed too, I have in the past few months been told to drag my head out of Ron's ass, been compared to a trashcan and repeatedly been labled simplistic and ignorant. All in the name of the free exchange of ideas. So when they began attacing my faulty norwegian in public I actually got hurt.

I realised that the only way to get out of such a dysfunctional relationship was too leave.

Quietly out the back.

So I can be back from time to time.

For a short fix of inbred ideas if nothing else.


Matthijs said...

I'm genuinely sorry to see you go. I've experienced the very same feeling of tiredness when trying to talk to people who actively misread and misunderstand what I write. It's crap. However, you can be sure that for every person who insists on being an asshole (and it's usually one at a time, isn't it?), there's ten others reading what he writes and going "there's that asshole again".

12:33 PM  
Kaare Berg said...

thanks man.

I'll be back.

Just right now I am pissed off, disappointed and most off all tired.

And sad.
Sad that I have to justify why norwegian is fucked up by my english. It feels like a guy in a wheelchair having to justify why he can't run.

But thanks. And I know everyone there isn't like that.

I'll be hanging here, the forge, burningwheel, story games and at your blog. I'll see you there.

1:37 PM  
Matthijs said...

The problem - for me - with using other forums is that while they provide plenty of inspiration and ideas, and some pretty hard-core theory, they don't give me the feeling of being part of a scene. I like being part of the Norwegian game design crowd, and talking to other people with the same background. We can talk about games like Søttende Mai and Draug without having to explain the particularities of the setting or defend the underlying semi-freeform philosophy. We know what Arcon is. We make stuff together, for each other.

At the international forums, I'm just one of zillions. And the others won't be able to read my games, they won't understand the subtle differences between being a Norwegian and a Dane, not to mention an American.

They're competitive. They're loud. They're about being hard, talking hard, being man enough to take the blows, at one level or another.

And, like it or not, there's always the In Crowd - the people who play with each other, talk to each other on the phone, and rule the different forums. I don't stand a chance of joining those crowds in the U. S.

Then there's the "too much information" factor. I have enough trouble keeping up with a few long debates at It's impossible to keep up with the most active threads at The Forge and Story Games. You go away, you come back, there's hundreds of new posts you want to read.

For me, it's probably time to zone down, focus inward and let it all get some time to rest. Play some with my friends, see what happens.

8:43 AM  
Kaare Berg said...

I read you.

You're always welcome here. I think you are wrong about being one of zillions, though. I think they hear you.

But you are right, we can't easily go to GenCon or wahtever and that sucks. I'd be kick ass to go just once. Sort of like a pilgrimage.

But for now I am going concentrate on my own designs and finish them. Like we just playtested Bak Speilet and it worked.
I just needed to trust my own design more. We are hitting it again this saturday.

And then I really want to playtest this thing for ****. And no, I've said too much already.

11:11 AM  
Dovre said...

Hi Kaare (and Matthijs). It seems that used to have a certain civilized tone. We used to have a civilized version of the more "traditional comics" which used to address hard issues.
I donæt really know what to say Kaare, I hope that the common view will make most of us somewhat atheistic.

7:18 PM  
Dovre said...

Sorry about the last view, however we would like to address the issue about religion. In we used to have ,ore or less an equal opportunity which are more or less against the republican issue.
A couple of things regarding the newest rpg-authors. (Some players weren't acting according to the rules.) and those players should be counted accomplices!

7:46 PM  
Dovre said...

Ok just have to comment on a thing or two:
A certain poster of which you reported, agreed that he was in the wrong and issued an public apology!
As a moderator on I'm sincerely sorry for your experiences. Your complaint were adressed and the poster of which you complained acknowledged guilt and regret. I sincerely hope that you will continue to post to as there are lot's of us that appreciate you'r input on fantasy rpg'ing.
I for one appreciate your posts on and hope you will contribute in the future!

8:04 PM  
Dovre said...

Sorry Kaare, I thought about posting something here for a week because I didn't like how you were treated on your last thread, instead I suddenly thought it was a good idea to post here after i came home from town last night. Wow, now I feel stupid! :( Anyway after new year, had lots of interesting discussions because of people like yourself. Of course it all soured with the "braindamage" thread. Sorry again for polluting your blog with my inane posts Kaare. Hope you'll be back soon!

5:52 AM  
Matthijs said...

Dovre, don't worry too much - posting under the influence is something most of us have done at one point or another. Even, perhaps, at several points. :)

Kaare, what's the status of Descent? Still working on that? (And would the "****" you mention begin with an "L"?)

10:06 PM  
Kaare Berg said...

Dovre, no worries. I was going to ask you if you had been drinking? Cause I really didn't get your two first posts.

Nope not at all.

I appriciate the thought though. I do. And you raise a very interesting point. I did go pretty hard out with the braindamage thread. I warned people, but still some people got pissed. I can understand that.

I still think Ron had a very important point. I also agree that conditioned is a better word. But I really can't see why they kept attacking any point raised by me, simply because it was raised by me. It pushed me on the defensive, and I finally had enough.

So this is about me getting my breath back. I read the apology, he is forgiven, but the damage is done. I've lost the ... the flow. The joy.

And I need this break to work on my games.

Matthijs, Descent is still on the backburner. It is Source Code time. I am making som conceptual bounds, and typing playtest documents.

Oh and the four **** does not begin with an L, but you can really really look forward to this thing. I can't tell you more, because then ***** will kill me. Or even worse, not sell me the finished product when it is done.

10:55 AM  

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