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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Other Worlds: Burning Empire announced

Finally I can speak of this. Luke Crane is hitting is all with a new game. Yes a new game. Based on the well oiled Burning Wheel Engine, he has tweaked and tuned, creating a new game.

And what a game.

1. There are no volumes of setting text to read (in what I have seen). The entire setting is implisit in the game rules and it actually works. No long flavour texts about the Vaylen, just rules that say it all. For all budding game designers out there this is worth checking out.

2. Adverserial play. The GM is no longer meant to molly coddle the players with the telling of a story and playing adversaries fair. No he is to push, and to challenge. How? Well play by the rules and this impartiality isn't nescessary because the rule wont let him shaft you. This isn't as horrible and gamist as it sounds, cause it ties in with the next bit.

3. Macro and micro mechanics. Huh? Simply put the game is about the fight for a planet. A whole planet. So on one level there are the planetspanning manouvers. The ebb and tide of the infiltration, the usurpation or the invasion. Then there is the level of the player characters. Where they live and die. And there is no correlation between the two. And this is a thing of beauty.
Why? Because it allows one to play a family falling apart against the backdrop of a planet being tore apart by aliens and it allows the players to influence the war for the planet instead of this being a GM fiat or dependent on a planned story . The planet is up for grabs as well as the characters fates.

Doesn't make much sense now, but wait for the Infection Mechanics guiding it all. They work.

There are many other gems, like communal world burning, resources and technology mechanics that eliminate the tedious perusal of endless kit lists (you want it and it fits, its color, if you want it to have game-mechanical effect pay the price.) and a whole new scalable Firefight combat system using the same rules for dirtyu firefights in alleys to grand spacebattles. And the Duel of Wits really shine here.

I got to stop exhalting this now.

Preorder is up tomorrow.

Go buy.


Kaare Berg said...

Matthijs, I am so sorry for lying to you. I promised Luke not to talk about it. So I had to. Hope you can forgive me.

2:57 PM  
Matthijs said...

Not a problem at all ;) I had my suspicions.

Wow. The game sounds pretty cool. There's just too much good stuff going on.

1:57 AM  
Kaare Berg said...

I've only seen an early playtest version 'cause real life stepped in on me. But the game was a solid piece of design back on version 1.

It reached revision 22 before they pulled it from playtesting.

Oh and did I mention thath the World Burning Chapter is SWEEEET. Luke has always be a proponent of group character creation sessions. Now he has created a group setting system that not only hands out tons of story hooks the players care about. They help set the resources available to the GM.

11:29 AM  

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