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Monday, May 08, 2006

Design Issues: Tour of Duty envisioned

Thanks Matthijs. I was on a good focused line of thought and you had to go drag Descent to the front of my mind. Cause with it came another horrible thing. Yes, the idea for another game.


Well ok. I am not really complaining. I love tinkering with these ideas, and hopefully they help me focus my main project: Source Code.

So anyways this new idea has the working title: Tour of Duty.

It is a game about the horrors of surviving in war. It works like this:
The platoon is a communal character. Each player (except the GM) then creates his soldier complete with hopes and dreams for life back home, his friends in the platoon, and even the family back home.
The platoon then goes into battle. This may be a long patrol, a single engagement or a gruelling siege ala Stalingrad. During this battle the characters will be in the shit many times and when they are in the shit they will die.
Unless they can buy their survival somehow. This they do by trading away their hopes and dream, the lives of their friends, building up debt to their fellow soldiers or pick up burdens of guilt.

Highlights include:
The platoon as a character.
The choice between doing ones duty or shirking it.
Guilt or Dreams, though choices in the thick of things.
Brutal random death.
Resource trading between players
Continued participation in play even if main character buys it.
And plenty other aspects.
All mechanically supported.

Specifically absent:
Initiative rolls.

I’ll post more later. Now me and my notebook has a date with the can.


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