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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Design Issues: Of Dice and Men

So I got this here Tour of Duty game idea. And I need a die mechanic that support what I am trying to do with this game; the dehumanizing effects of war.

So first a quick bit of narration rights.

If your character dies the narrator narrates this death as brutal and pointless as he feels appropriate.
Every combat begins with the question: “you character dies here unless you give something up.” One of the things you can sacrifice is the characters friends. One of them buys it this time. You narrate this death as seen by your character. Look through his eyes and describe this death.

That was one bit.

Now to look at the dice.

Your soldier gets to choose between Shirking; letting his platoon down and surviving, no rolls. Just guilt.

Or your soldier can fight.
Then he picks and action. This gives him Combat dice and Risk dice. Combine the Combat Dice with his Weapon Dice to get the Potential Pool. This is a number of dice. The player then has to describe how the soldier fights, each fact letting him pick up one of the potential dice. The player rolls the dice he earned through narration. Successes added to the platoon total. Note that irrespective of the result his narration stands.

The player then picks up his Survival Dice, the Narrator narrates the dangers the characters faces, picking up a dice for each fact. Both roll, compare the number of successes, if the player matches or have more successes than on the Risk Pool roll, the soldier survived. If not see above.

There are other mechanics, like rolling guilt to help survive, or owing debt to fellow players or soldier friends and such. But this here should do what I want it too.

And yes, this inspired the dice mechanics.


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