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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mobile future: sporadic online activity.

I told you all that I am changing jobs, well the process has begun. Actually I've been employed by my new employer for four weeks now,but the police have been dragging their feet sending over mypolice-record. Even though I know it is clean I got a bit paranoid there towards the end of the wait.

Funny what waiting can do to you.

So anyhow, I am now officially employed by a big company.

This meansthat my time as "a sneaking time between spreadsheets poster" is officially over. Which again means tht all my posting will either be done from my phone or from home. Resulting in a frequency drop. Just so you all have beenwarned.

Oh and it turned out that my lovely windows mobile browser won't let me push the publish button. So it will still be posted from home.

Design Issues:

Design-wise I have made some drastic changes to source code, mainly changing the dice mechanics again. The why, is quite simple; the back and forth given by the Robin D. Laws inspired mechanic of iteration .02 is not what I am looking for in this game. I want a roll - bang effect, move or loose. The other method of its enforced narrative was too slow for the speed I want to have in source code.

I am still using pools of d6s. Though.

Equipment, or gear as it is called is getting a slight revamp. My old ideas, though being cool but were too cumbersome. Now it is basically pay resources for a tool, use tool, discard to get resource points (Credit) back. This ties in with the originally envisioned scene mechanic, but here I am getting way ahead of my self. This also ties more cleanly in with the way the conflict system is shaping up.

I really see no point in having different mechanics for scenes involving hand to hand combat or inter-office politiking. If the intent is to harm someone then it is the conflict mechanics, simple really. So I've been typing it all up on my phone.

I'll dvelve deeper into all of this later.

Right now I just needed to reconfirm my digital identity.


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