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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Real Life - Transitions

So I'm changing jobs. It is official, my boss asked me to think long and hard, and we still have to talk. But I have thought long and hard.

It is a load of my shoulders.

I am changing jobs.

I'm gonna miss most of the guys, but I really really can't wait to get started in the new one.

I'll be going to the mountains for some R&R with my parents. The first time Filippa is in that cabin (I am so spoiled when it comes to cabins in the mountains and by the sea). There will be skiing norwegian style, good food and plenty of time to read and write on my games. But I am torn between my Fantasy Heartbreaker (Book of Heroes), Source Code and this top secret project I'm supposed to help ...edited for security reasons... with.

Most likely I'll be reading Scott Bakker and theory shit from Vincent and the Story-Games forums. Oh and I've printed Matt Wislon's Bad Ass Spacemarines.

Got to pack the car.



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