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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Be gentle

Ok, so it begins. I got this here blogspot and take the great leap into blogdom.

Currently I am reeling from information overload. I've been off Vincent Bakers anyway for a few weeks and coming back has blow a few circuits. So while I am playing catch up there is going to be a few random topics here.

And yes I design game. Not with the nuclear blast clarity of the Forgite Founders and veteran trench fighters, but still with the dogged tenacity of a pitbull (no pun intended). That is a pitbull with four different juicy postmen running around.

So my works in progress are:

Bak Speilet - norwegian language horror game about staring into abysses and being stared back at. Rough version published a week too late for a norwegian game design competition. Called by fellow norwegian theoryhead, Matthijs Holter, a forge heartbreaker.
Descent - intially a game about a bunch of space marines investigating a dead colony, meeting aliens and then fighting them. Has grown into something different when I realised I used sim-mechanics to create a nar game. Now its about being in a squad, but that might change.
Brute - a "I am monster" game about violence. Inspired by late night playing of the xbox360 game Condemmed: Criminal Origins, and still in scattered notebook notes format.
Source Code - The big one. The game I plan to spend money on. A cyberpunk game about identity, and the game which the whole question of character ownership just threw me a big big curveball. Oh and the thing about replaying scenes. I know that will feature.

That and I have a four month old daughter.


Matthijs said...

Hey, congrats on your new blog ;) I'm very interested in hearing more about Source Code - and hope you'll still be finishing Descent, which I liked a lot!

10:51 PM  

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